On the first weekend of the riots in Atlanta, I went for an afternoon bike ride around Stone Mountain. There were people out en masse enjoying the day, walking, jogging, and riding bikes. We were all different colors and sizes. Police were patrolling. I got lost from my group, and asked a woman if I could borrow her cell phone. I asked an officer for help later. Everyone was helpful, ethnic differences notwithstanding. Race and history weren't issues impeding anyone that day from participating in a beautiful, unintended "peaceful protest." We the people, were all out enjoying the day, living peacefully together, being in the moment.

It prompted this haiku: https://medium.com/@wallcamille/unintended-peaceful-protest-68dd4d163dbd

I paint with words. My daytime canvas is K-12 digital curriculum. At night, poems. I try to share the beauty of authentic moments.

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