I am so glad to see discussion around the topic of mental health and social media. As a parent of a teenage girl, I am concerned about how it impacts her mental and emotional well being. I have nicknamed her phone “life support” because the term “my precious” wasn’t strong enough. I hope and believe that designers and programmers will own the impact that their products have, call on morality, and take initiative as they design our future. As a software curriculum designer I see my company embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion and making changes. It gives me hope. I penned my thoughts about the impact of social media in this poem: https://medium.com/no-crime-in-rhymin/mirror-mirror-on-the-screen-dcc7c1e17450

I paint with words. My daytime canvas is K-12 digital curriculum. At night, poems. I try to share the beauty of authentic moments.

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