A tongue-in-mouth poem on Internet Dating

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

Friends say I should try internet dating
To which I reply, “Fine, no more debating,
I’ll date the internet.”

I see lots of reasons this time it could last
I can take it to bed with me, no questions asked
It stays the next morning

I don’t have to worry ‘bout its mental health
It’s never too shy or ashamed of itself
To share naked pictures

The internet is the best handyman
Shows how to build it, to fix it, to buy it, oh and
Only tells if I ASK

Entertaining? You bet! It is super funny
Cat vids and Dad…

A byr a thoddaid by a…voyeur or people-watcher?

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

The spirit of their hair reveals
The way they think and how they feel
Their auras’ extensions dancing on stage
Charading secret things

Course black curls bounce heavy and sway
Like the mood her body conveys
And that one — her short straight spikes show her pain
To say don’t get too close

While some girls’ ponytails will swoosh
High energy and cheer produced,
Hers is a straight dark veil, velvet hanging
It sings a calm vignette

A purple braid ringed like a crown
Her whimsy showcased all around
And hers is a white frosted pixie cut
That struts her funny shticks…

A sestina

Photo by Nicolas Messifet on Unsplash

Let me introduce myself — I’m a poem
Waiting to exhale my epiphany about love
Waiting to explain a relationship’s evolution through seasons
Poised to release my words to you freely as a butterfly
I have met you before; I know your tears
I wonder if you’ll recognize the pulse of my heart

Do you remember the pleasure of finding love
Soaking in summertime bliss for a season
Infatuation’s heat that ignites the heart
With fuel that sends dreams soaring like a butterfly
Having forgotten the need to shed a tear
Yes, perhaps you have already met this poem


Photo courtesy of Author

Sky Is Wearing Stripes Tonight

Dear Genie, my journey to the Land of Oz

Photo by Akshay Nanavati on Unsplash

Something hides in the corner of your smile.
I don’t know what and my mind is beguiled.
So I follow along a yellow brick road
Sleuthing the answer that nobody knows.

Is it delight? My brain grapples to learn.
Is it a kiss? My heart swells with a yearn.
Are you laughing at me? I cower within.
What is it? What is it — that draws me in?

I wander to the corner of your smile
After trapped by your emerald eyes a while
And feel the next bout of smile-sick syndrome
‘Till you grin and I sigh, “there is no place like…

A poem in tribute to when kids actually went to school

Photo by Michael Walk on Unsplash

Hiked up
Onto the platform
Overlooking the green pleather rows
Leaving behind their familiar home life
Building anticipation
Up in their minds about
Seeing friends and conversations that might happen

Hung back
Offering silent prayers
Overcome that moment with pangs of
Loving anxiety, hoping for success
But also for challenge to
Unharness potential,
Strengthen social skills, and wear them out a little

This is an acrostic poem, to capture the whimsy of a school-related topic. I wanted to tell the same story from two different perspectives, the way Monet painted the same scene in different atmospheres.

Camille Fairbanks

I paint with words. My daytime canvas is K-12 digital curriculum. At night, poems. I try to share the beauty of authentic moments.

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